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Dope Lobes - Handmade plugs for sale [10 Apr 2014|06:17am]


Hey everyone!  I sell handmade plugs and hanger plugs, and some keychains too. If you want more info about the price, please take a look at my FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/DopeLobes

I got diffrent sizes available from 10m-26mm!

galaxy tibetan hoops 12mm
galaxy tibetan hoops 12mm

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3 pairs of 32mm plugs for sale :) [10 Feb 2013|03:42pm]


the first pair are Glass Wear Studios, df with a black sparkle colourfronts

next are a pair of rosebud plugs in areng wood by Urban star

and lastly, the piece de resitance! Glass Wear Studios, df aqua glow in the dark plugs

i'm asking £120 for all 3 pairs, plus £8 shipping if you are in the uk or £20 shipping to the USA (high postage prices are because A) i dont want to risk the glass breaking and B) i always send out tracked and signed on delivery). any questions please ask, thats a total bargain price for those 3 pairs together, i am willing to split them up but only for decent offers. thanks and have a good day!
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[28 Oct 2012|02:58pm]

all re-posts - trying to get rid of the last of my plugs that are too small. every pair is now $5! 9 pairs of 1", 2 pairs of 7/8", and 1 pair of 3/4".

shipping will be $3 to the US, whether you buy one pair or ten. let me know if you live elsewhere.

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Wanted Stretching Jewelry [13 Jul 2012|12:56am]

[ mood | nervous ]

Hi all! I'm looking to buy some no flare or single flare stretching jewelry in sizes 8g, 6g, and 4g. I would prefer glass, but I'll consider steel. Thanks everyone. This is my first post. Sorry if I'm doing it wrong.

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Selling my plugs! 1/2", 7/16" 00g, and 6g [29 Jun 2012|06:29pm]


I've been attempting to shrink my ears for the past couple years and every so often I gaze my plugs that I used to cherish so much. Now it's time to move on.. and I am trying to sell them!

Send me a comment or email ( missjulieyork@gmail.com ) for more info/pics about a certain set. I would be happy to help.

I can only take paypal or cash.. so keep that in mind. I would prefer paypal.. since.. sending money in the mail isn't always guaranteed to arrive!

Make an offer!! I remember how much I paid for a few of these so, for example, $5 for my fake diamond plugs or blue dichro plugs.. won't suffice. But lets still chat and come to an agreement! (PS I will add $2 for shipping. If you want insurance that will be another $2)



Photobucket (smaller double flare)



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Selling 8g, 6g, 4g, 2g, 0g, 00g, and 7/16". ISO 4g singles and 7/16". [31 May 2012|02:00pm]

Reduced prices.  Willing to negotiate.

Please add 2$ for first class USPS shipping to anywhere.  All items will be bubble wrapped and shipped in a new bubble mailer.  Paypal only please.

I would also be willing to trade.  I am looking for 7/16" pairs as well as 4g singles for my conch.

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[22 May 2012|08:32pm]

So, I’m selling a bunch of my old plugs, tunnels, and tapers that I don’t wear anymore because they’re too small. Here they are. If you’re interested in sizes and pricing, please comment or contact me at magbyh@gmail.com. If you’re interested in buying, please keep in mind that I only take USD and use Paypal only, and contact me at magbyh@gmail.com. Thanks. 


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[16 Apr 2012|10:44am]

Add $2 for shipping in the U.S., $3 international. Paypal preferred. Everything will be cleaned before being sent out. Please feel free to make offers if you don't like a price, I'd really like to get rid of this stuff!

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PLUGS [23 Mar 2012|06:44pm]


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[31 Dec 2011|12:49pm]

I have a bunch of OOg I need to get rid of. Some organics, plugs, tunnels, spirals and more.

pics and prices under the cutCollapse )
Please excuse the quality of the pics, I lost my camera and had to rely on cell phone pics.
All prices negotiable, I will take trades for 1/2"
all plugs will be washed in anti-bacterial soap and shipped to you in a bubble mailer.
add $2 for shipping.
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00g, 7/16", &1/2" PLUGS FOR SALE [09 Dec 2011|12:30pm]


I'm selling my old plugs in varying sizes up to 1/2". I've
purchased most of them from bodyartforms.com for
anywhere from $3 to $60 a pair-- but I'm not trying
to get more than $15 for any of them. I just want them gone!

I've posted pictures and information on maybe 30 of the pairs
(so far) on my tumblr, so check those out and if you're interested
in anything, shoot me an email or tweet me if you must! I'm super
flexible on pricing, I'm just trying to clear out my collection.

Email: lken448@yahoo.com
Twitter: @laurentheresa
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Lots of 00g for sale or trade [20 Nov 2011|12:26am]

I'm getting ready to go up a few sizes. My lobes are 00 right now and I am going to go all the way to 1/2 inch. So everything here must go. I'll take the best offer or a trade for something 7/16 or 1/2 inch.

here's everything. Please excuse the picture quality, I lost my camera so cell phone pics had to suffice.

-00g saba wood carved hangers
-00g black horn carved hangers
-00g galaxy spirals (o-rings missing)
-00g blue striped spirals (o-rings missing)
-00g blue glass pinchers
-00g yellow glass flare plugs (not a solid yellow, sort of a smokey swirl, hard to see in the pics)
-00g clear glass flare plugs
-00g metal tunnel flares
-00g black and yellow plugs

I'll take trades for 7/16 or 1/2 inch or the best offer. Anything you buy will be washed thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap and sent to you in a bubble mailer.

thanks so much!
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BODY JEWELRY SALE! [10 Oct 2011|06:34pm]

These are just some of my body jewelry that I'm ready to sell:<br /><br /><br /><br />

All of the jewelry include shipping so there&#39;s no extra fee. All single and no flared plugs include O-Rings!<br /><br />Please message me if you are interested. Thank you. :)<br />
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00g, 14g for sale! [02 Oct 2011|08:33pm]

paypal or trade for certain 00g items (let me know what you have)! BO considered, prices include shipping in US. of course, extra for international/DC/insurance.

00g df red on clear luciferins - $45 or trade for another color (*maybe*)
00g sf auris Morpho Sulkowskyi in bloodwood - $25
00g (10mm) df opaque baby blue glass (one end smooth, one flat faceted. flares are on the bigger side. never worn) - $8

14g anatometal curved barbell 3/8" wearable and 3/16" ball ends (never worn) - $8

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00g, 2g, 4g, 12g, 14g [02 Aug 2011|01:03pm]

Add $2.50 for shipping in the U.S., $3.50 international. Paypal preferred. Everything will be cleaned before being sent out. Feel free to make an offer if you don't like a price!

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Updated: 00g, 2g, 4g, 12g, 14g (Maria Tash clicker) [10 Jul 2011|01:04pm]

Add $2.50 for shipping in the U.S., $3.50 international. Paypal preferred. Everything will be cleaned before being sent out. I'm trying to get together some extra money for Comic-Con, so feel free to make an offer if you don't like a price!

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Updated: 00g, 2g, 4g, 6g, 12g, 14g [26 Jun 2011|09:21pm]

Add $2.50 for shipping in the U.S., $3.50 international. Paypal preferred. Everything will be cleaned before being sent out. Feel free to make an offer if you don't like a price!

Interested in trades for: 0g SF opalite, 0g SF goldstone, other interesting 0g glass/wood/stone

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[17 Jun 2011|09:12pm]

Add $2.50 for shipping in the U.S., $3.50 international. Everything will be cleaned before being sent out. Paypal preferred. I'll consider trades for things in 0g (no acrylic), 18g nostril screws in right and left bends, and maybe 12g things for second lobe piercings.

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0g, 10mm and dong weights for sale! [26 May 2011|01:25pm]

paypal only please! this is xposted so its first one gets it:

dong weights - $8 shipped

0g tawapa horn lotus hangies (small chip on the bottom of one wearable) - $30 shipped

00g (10mm) df baby blue opaque faceted glass (new in baggies) - theyre $21.42 on BAF after frequent buyer discount, make an offer!

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20% OFF Handmade Wooden Plugs! [13 May 2011|11:43pm]
Beautiful plugs! Take a look see :)

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