mastadon_farm (mastadon_farm) wrote in plugs,

I have a bunch of OOg I need to get rid of. Some organics, plugs, tunnels, spirals and more.

pics and prices

$5 -00g yellow glass flare plugs (not a solid yellow, sort of a smokey swirl, hard to see in the pics)
$5 -00g clear glass flare plugs
$5 -00g metal tunnel flares
$5 -00g black and yellow plugs

$8 - 00g blue and clear spirals, glass (no o-rings)
$5 - 00g blue talons, glass (no o-rings)

$10 - 00g dichroic spirals, glass (no o-rings)

$12 - 00g "sleeping beauties" organic horn

$12 - 00g carved saba wood

Please excuse the quality of the pics, I lost my camera and had to rely on cell phone pics.
All prices negotiable, I will take trades for 1/2"
all plugs will be washed in anti-bacterial soap and shipped to you in a bubble mailer.
add $2 for shipping.
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