orangeguardguy (orangeguardguy) wrote in plugs,

Selling 8g, 6g, 4g, 2g, 0g, 00g, and 7/16". ISO 4g singles and 7/16".

Reduced prices.  Willing to negotiate.

Please add 2$ for first class USPS shipping to anywhere.  All items will be bubble wrapped and shipped in a new bubble mailer.  Paypal only please.

I would also be willing to trade.  I am looking for 7/16" pairs as well as 4g singles for my conch.

Please choose only one FWP item per item purchased.

2. 8/6g Little Seven steel pincher (wearable is 8g but the curves are 4mm, 8mm inner diameter) $22
4. 8g LeRoi Niobium green retainer $12
6. 8g GG tusk $7

1. 4g GWS geometric 4 sided weights - color aurora $30 SOLD
2. 7/16ths Onetribe Wood spirals $4

5. 6g Tribal coconut shell spiral FWP
3. 0g Steel clear CZ plugs $8
4. 0g Tibetan agate DF plugs $6

Single 8mm DF IS Emerald Dichro - Make an offer
Single 8mm DF IS Pink Dichro - Make an offer

1. 00g/9mm GWS Honeycomb image DF plugs $17
2. 00g/9mm GWS Jellyfish Blue Moon on Black DF plugs $20
3. 00g/9mm GWS Pluto Planet seconds plugs FWP SOLD
4. 00g/9mm GWS Feather Fire plugs $20
5. 00g/9.5mm Sacred Organics Multi-Colour Picasso Jasper $40
6. 00g/9mm IS Cobalt solid glass plugs $10
7. 00g/9mm GWS Pebble Water plugs $15
10. 00g/9mm GWS Ocean colorfront DF plugs $5 SOLD

Evolve blue tiger eye 9mm DF plugs $10 SOLD

1. 7/16ths Onetribe wood plugs $6
2. 00g/10mm Star steel flesh tunnels FWP
3. 00g/10mm Star black coat flesh tunnels FWP SOLD

Thank you for looking!

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