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This community is specifically geared towards plugs and the process of stretching earlobes. If you're looking for information on other piercings, or stretching other piercings, please refer to pray or stretched.
bodyart and bmezine (for BME IAM users) are also very helpful communities.

The following sites have awesome plugs for great prices. Also, none of them are some big company, they're each run by one or just a couple people, and I just think that rules. They're all super nice, support them!

woodbodyjewelry.com - beautiful handmade wood plugs, superb quality
bodyartforms.com - awesome selection of super high quality plugs in all gauges (plus lots of other body jewelry)
onetribe.nu - really nice organic jewelry & lots of cool styles
organicjewelry.com - THE place for organic jewelry of all kinds, amazingly gorgeous plugs!

If you have some links you think I should add, let me know! [maintainer = vomica]